5 Pcs Furniture Mover


  • 5 pieces suit can be used for carrying heavy objects, red color is eye catching.The arm material is made of high grade A3 iron material, and the wheel hub is made of ABS plastic.


  • This furniture moving lifter works for saving time, energy and production labor, very practical.Our furniture lifter and dolly sets are perfect for seniors, single people, or people with back pain or other health issues that don’t allow them to lift weights.


  • Download the maximum shipping volume is 150kg per roll, really practical and powerful. Drive 360° wheels, easy to move, very flexible and convenient for you to use, helps a lot in life.


  • You only need to do 3 simple easy moves: (1) lift the furniture legs with the lifting tool just high enough to (2) slide the furniture roller carts under the legs and then (3) gently glide it to the position you need.


  • You no longer need to ask friends, family, or neighbors for help or to pay strangers whenever you need to move, redecorate, or clean. Our heavy furniture moving sliders casters kit can be used even by a single person.



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