50 Pcs Dental Floss Pack


  • You will receive 1 box of dental floss, each box of 50 pcs, The quantity is sufficient for daily use by you and your family.


  • This dental floss is made of plastic material. The smooth round thread has strong tensile force, is not easy to break, and is strong and durable.


  • Dental floss helps remove food debris from areas between the teeth that the toothbrush cannot clean. The tip of the floss stick can also be used as a toothpick to easily remove large pieces of residue from the teeth.


  • The middle part of the floss picks handle is designed with an oval concave-convex anti-slip point, which enhances the grip and saves effort when using it. Daily use of dental floss can help us clean between teeth and keep our mouth clean.


  • Our dental floss toothpick is packaged in a portable transparent box, which is clean and easy to carry. It can be conveniently placed in pockets, backpacks, and cars, making it particularly suitable for travel, families, offices, hotels, and so on.



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