180° Rotatable Mini Iron



  • This mini steam handheld travel iron is compact and light in design, and only the size of the palm after folding. You can use dry and wet ironing, flat ironing and hanging ironing. It is very convenient to carry and use both at home and in travel.
  • This hand-held electric iron is a professional micro steam iron for dry and wet ironing. 50ml water tank, plug in the power supply, and heat up quickly in 30 seconds.
  • This folding hanging ironing machine is completely ironed without leaving dead corners. Triangle tip design allows you to iron easily. Buttons, lapels, necklaces and other narrow areas can be ironed flexibly with exquisite details. The handle can be rotated 180 ° for more comfortable use.
  • This micro steam is suitable for hot, dry and wet ironing of cotton, polyester, silk and other fabrics. Foldable clothes ironing machine can effectively remove wrinkles and wrinkles on clothes through steam. It is easy to operate and safe to use.
  • This powerful portable iron with micro steam makes life more exquisite. It can easily remove wrinkles on clothes, shirts, curtains, bed sheets and other fabrics, and can be put in luggage and backpacks, which can be carried and used anytime and anywhere. Make your clothes look elegant and high-quality in a few minutes.



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