5 Layer DIY Shoe Cabinet


* The perfect solution for keeping your shoe collection organized and maximizing your storage space! Designed with style, convenience and versatility at the forefront, this shoe rack offers a customizable and easy-to-assemble solution for any shoe enthusiast or household.


* Crafted with durability and stability as top priorities, this DIY shoe rack is constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand the weight of multiple pairs of shoes. The 5-layer design provides ample storage space, allowing you to neatly organize and display your favorite footwear.


* The DIY aspect of this shoe rack adds an element of fun and customization to your organization process. With its easy-to-follow instructions, you can quickly assemble the rack to fit your specific needs.


* Not only does this shoe rack keep your footwear organized, but it also helps protect your shoes from dust, moisture, and potential damage. The open design allows for proper air circulation, keeping your shoes fresh and odor-free.


* Place it in your entryway, bedroom, closet, or even in your garage. Its sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of style to your space, while its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use.


* Material: Steel structure & polyurethane sheets


* Approx Dimensions: 2.46 ft (H) x 1.47 ft (L) x 1.14 ft (W)

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