Telescopic Sink Storage Rack


  • This telescopic organizer is the easy solution to your kitchen storage needs. Simply place your cleaning utensils and other wet objects in this innovative tray to dry for easy access.
  • Telescopic Sink Holder creates a healthy environment, keeps it dry, and evenly distributes the drainage holes, so that the sponge and washing tower are dry, and there is no accumulation of water.
  • This telescopic sink rack has two towel racks and a basket. Two towel racks can keep towels dry and ventilated, and the basket can organize or hang sponges, ballpoint pens, dishcloths, etc. It can meet different needs and adapt to different tank sizes, the length can be adjusted freely, and it can be stored in large capacity.
  • Easily put together the expandable sink rack storage tray right out of the box. Install with easy, and can be disassembled for cleaning. When you are ready to clean your sink storage rack, simply disassemble it and wash with warm water and soap.
  • The telescopic sink stand is designed with a long bottom, which is easy to store cleaning utensils, such as dishwashing liquid, sponge, hand sanitizer, cleaning brush, etc. It can be operated comfortably at an appropriate height and is convenient for daily cleaning.



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