10M Adjustable Anti Skid Clothesline


  • Easy to carry: The clothesline is light, small, easy to stow after folding and easy to carry.
  • Adjustable length: Both ends have detachable stainless steel S-hooks that allow the clothesline to be held anywhere and the length to be adjusted to your needs.
  • Non-slip design: The clothesline is 10m long and windproof with multiple grilles. It can dry several garments at the same time, the garments do not accumulate and do not slip into the middle.
  • Easy handling: If you need to work on the clothesline, wrap the rope anywhere and attach it with a stainless steel hook. Hang the hanger directly on the grid.
  • Versatile: The clothesline can be installed anywhere, eg. In home gardens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, balconies, hotels and even on outdoor trees. It is ideal for drying clothes, bedding and other lifestyle items indoors and outdoors, for travelers and campers.



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