Flat Mop With Bucket


  • Handless tightening: Our unique mop bucket design has a built-in wringer, no need to wring out, you can splash water into the bucket and keep it spray-like when tightening or moving the bucket from one room to another.
  • Machine washable: The EasyWring microfiber mop head is machine washable and reusable! We recommend replacing the mop head filler every 3 months to get the best floor cleaning effect
  • Deep clean microfiber: The spin mop uses microfiber to effectively capture dirt and grime using only water, without the use of harsh chemicals. Suitable for all hard floors, including finished hardwoods, timbers, laminates, tiles, etc.
  • The mop can go deep and clean corners, under furniture, skirting and corners between tiles
  • This value pack contains 4 extra cleaning cloths, each mop head replacement lasts longer, saving time and money
  • The handle can be extended to 48 inches: With the telescopic handle that can be extended to 48 inches, anyone can mop the floor comfortably without bending over, and can be cleaned with a cleaning bucket without hand washing
  • Mop cloth is better to clean with a microfiber mop: our non-stripe microfiber mop is easier to attract and lock dirt, dust, pet hair, dirt or sticky dirt than traditional cotton wet mops. It can be wiped or dusted wet or dry




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