Multifunctional vegetable slicer


With the Flexible Slice blade, you can easily make French fries, potato sticks, or rice noodles. This tool is also convenient for cutting out fruits and vegetables in free shape.


The product’s innovative design keeps your hands away from the built-in blades, making it the safest choice for a professional slice.


Ideal for making Perfect cuts with any vegetables, insert for making tasty fries or healthy vegetable snacks, with the Classic Slicer, chop onions or garlic in no time or prepare the best garden salads!


The blades enable easy cutting, slicing, shredding, and chopping of a variety of fruits and vegetables in various shapes and sizes. You can quickly produce wavy or standard slices, strips, mash potatoes, etc.


Slice food into various shapes and thicknesses. Different sizes are used for different Shape purposes. There is no need to change the blade, Just rotate the control button of the shape you want.

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